Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Stop: Hong Kong

Four episodes of Ali G, two vegetarian meals, a cup of noodles, two screaming babies (and I have a pretty high tolerance), three hot flight attendants, Natalie Portman in The Other Boleyn Girl and a six hour nap later, we made it to Hong Kong. Leaving Friday night and arriving Sunday morning leaves for a pretty long day but things were off to a good start.

On the way from the airport we saw a sidewalk fish market, for pets not eating. And as we watched the shoppers carefully surveying plastic bags full of water and little fish, I realized that maybe the giant fish tanks in all of the Chinese restaurants
are indicative of a larger cultural phenomenon.

And from fish you don’t eat to fish you do, we headed to Sunday dim sum with the family. Good thing that Larry's family are regulars because it was packed with Sunday dim sum goers and we got the vip treatment from our servers, Pinky and Queenie. Not sure that I would give my kids the same for their English names, but what do I know?

Among the delicacies in which I did not indulge, while quite tasty I’m sure, were the roasted chicken’s feet, fried chicken cartilage and herbal gelatin with turtle shell shavings; however, I do now have a new favorite in the pumpkin-tapioca dessert soup.

And if nothing else, I knew that culinary adventure would weave a common thread throughout the trip.

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