Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lost in Transition

So needless to say, I was reunited with the group, but our trip to Macau, a Chinese territory formerly under Portuguese rule, started off with a little more confusion/excitement than I had anticipated. 

When I didn’t find the group at our morning meeting spot outside of the bun shop, I traced the possible scenarios in my mind and decided that maybe the group had moved onto the subway station.  I made my way to the subway station, but to no avail…no Larry, no Jen, no Tim, no Karen, no Paul. 

So I forged ahead, navigating three different subway stations before discovering that there were two different terminals with ferries leaving for Macau and my hopes of finding the group diminished a little further. 

I found myself at the downtown ferry terminal and soon on the way to Macau by myself, front row seat on the ferry with my cappuccino, playing out in my mind how the day might go…tour of Macau by myself? internet cafĂ© to send an email and hope that the Blackberries are on and have service?  join a random German tour group?

Well, so there I was, in the public library of Macau with a few other tourists (possibly separated from their groups as well?) and then the obvious regulars who were  browsing the profiles on DateInAsia.com, talk about taking advantage of free internet, nice. 


Pretty cool building, with free internet.

So, I thought this post would have been much more authentic if written from the Macau public library terminal, but luckily banking on the group packing Blackberries was a good call and we were able to coordinate my return to the group…but just in time, before I was kicked off my terminal for some guy to use it, presumably to check his DateInAsia inbox.

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