Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Japanese, Russian and German

And no trip to Hong Kong would be complete without the international cuisine tour.  Much like San Francisco, the restaurant scene spans the global spectrum from Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese to German, Russian, Spanish and American. 

We hit the crowded Hong Konger sushi spot, leaving behind the tourists after the nightly harbor side lightshow (think Hong Kong skyline meets Disneyland night parade), for edamame, tempura, noodles and green tea ice cream.

Before heading to the rooftop bar at Hotel Azure, we sampled Hong Kong’s Russian fare, made to feel all the more internationally cheesy (which we loved) by the live Russian music and vodka freezer.  We slipped on the ankle length fur coats and into the minus 20 degree Celsius ice room for chilled vodka shots.

And to finish out the tour, we made the trek across the island on the public double decker bus to Stanley beach for a hardy German meal. Sitting in the first row of the second floor of the bus offers a clear view of the twisting, turning two lane road, which the driver handles with scary precision (we only had to hold on and close our eyes a few times) but we arrived safely at the dark, woody beer hall-esque eatery for rich beers, pretzels, sausage and potatoes.  And after dinner, home in the taxi, not on the bus.  

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